The purpose of this web site is to provide the UW-L campus community with information and resources regarding the State of Wisconsin budget. This site will be updated with new information as it becomes available from the State, UW System, UW-L, and other resources.      

Communications on the State Budget 

June 28, 2011
E-mail from Bob Hetzel, UW-L Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Information on New Deductions for Employee Benefits

June 22, 2011
E-mail from Bob Hetzel, UW-L Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Prohibition of Union Dues Deduction, Letter from Al Crist, UW System Associate Vice President for Human Resources

June 15, 2011
Statement from Wisconsin Department of Administration Mike Huebsch on Implementation of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10

June 15, 2011
E-mail from Bob Hetzel, UW-L Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
2011 Wisconsin Act 10 Update from Al Crist, UW System Associate Vice President for Human Resources

June 10, 2011
Memo from Wisconsin Dept. of Administration:  Supplemental Health Insurance Conversion Credit Program

June 10, 2011
E-mail from Bob Hetzel, UW-L Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance:

Update on Sick Leave Conversion for Health Insurance after Retirement

June 7, 2011
E-mails from Chancellor Joe Gow and President Kevin Reilly:  Message from UW System Leadership Regarding JFC Budget Action

April 12
E-mail from Bob Hetzel, UW-L Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance:
Status of Increased Pension & Health Insurance Premium Contributions

April 4
Message from President Reilly:  State Budget and the Wisconsin Idea Partnership

March 11
News Release from Gov. Walker:  Budget Repair Bill Saves 1500 Jobs and Letters from OSER Rescinding Layoffs

March 2

Chancellor Gow E-mail:  State Budget Updates

March 1
UW System Response to Biennial Budget Address

February 22
Budget Update from President Reilly to UW System Administration staff

Letter from President Reilly to Chancellor Martin on UW Madison as a separate public authority

February 18
Letter from UW Regent Loftus to legislators re: budget bill

Chancellor Gow E-Mail on Current Events

February 17 
Memo from UW System General Counsel on employee participation in political activities

February 15
Letter from President Reilly and Regents to Governor Walker on separation of UW Madison from UW System

February 11
Message to UW System Employees from President Reilly and Board of Regents

Message from Governor Walker to Wisconsin State Employees

Legislation and Analysis

LFB 2011-13 Comparative Summary of Budget Recommendations (Governor and Joint Committee on Finance) - June, 2011

Summary of Joint Finance Committee Action - Revised June 7, 2011

UW System Statement on JFC Budget Action - June 3, 2011

UW System 2011-13 Biennial Budget Fact Sheet

UW System News Release dated March 10, 2011: "Wisconsin Idea Partnership" proposes flexibility for all campuses

Legislative Fiscal Bureau Summary of Amendment

Conference Substitute Amendment 1 to AB11

UW System Summary and Impact of the 2011-13 Biennial Budget

Governor Walker's Budget in Brief

Text of Governor Walker's budget speech on March 1, 2011

Documents explaining public authority status for UW-Madison

UW-L Ten Year History of State and Tuition Funding - Fiscal Years 2002-2011

Chancellor Martin Update on the New Badger Partnership

Memo from Chancellor Martin on UW-Madison Structure Modeled After a Public Authority

Analysis of Senate Amendment to Budget Repair Bill (LRB 1383)

Analysis of Budget Repair Bill (LRB 1383) by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau

Full Text of Budget Repair Bill (LRB 1383)

Recent News

March 31
Milwaukee State Journal: Judge orders law is not in effect

March 18
Milwaukee State Journal: Judge orders temporary halt to budget-repair bill

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Judge temporarily blocks implementation of public union law

March 14
Press Release:  Walker releases capital budget

March 11

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker signs budget-repair bill, rescinds layoffs

March 10
Wisconsin Eye Live Coverage:  State Assembly to convene at 11 today to take action on amended budget repair bill
La Crosse Tribune:  Coverage of State Budget
Wisconsin State Journal:  
Budget repair bill passes Senate, Thursday vote set in Assembly

March 4
WKBT:  Governor Walker Sits Down with News 8   Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

March 2
La Crosse Tribune:  Wisconsin is Broke:  Walker's budget proposes deep cuts for schools
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  Walker's proposal cuts UW System budget
Wisconsin State Journal:  
University of Wisconsin System faces $250 million cut, restructuring

March 1
WXOW News 19, La Crosse, will carry Governor Walker's budget speech on WXOW-TV and starting at 4 p.m. this afternoon.

February 28
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker to reveal plan to slash $3.6 billion

February 25
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Senate gives preliminary OK to repair bill passed by Assembly
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: State Assembly passed Governor Walker's budget repair bill, 51-17
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Answers to common questions on budget repair bill
Wisconsin State Journal: Schultz compromise still best

February 24
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Walker would appoint most of UW Board
The Badger Herald: UW System officials gear up to meet on Madison's separation
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Barrett offers alternative to budget repair bill

February 22 
Text of Governor Walker's Feb. 22 Address
The State Assembly at 11 a.m. today will take up debate on Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill.  Democrats are expected to offer more than 100 amendments to the bill:  See Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal reporting.  Live coverage can be viewed on line at Gov. Scott Walker will address the people of Wisconsin tonight at 6 p.m. 

February 21
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: University Model for UW Autonomy

February 20
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Democrats consider staying out: GOP plans action on other bills


February 18
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Unveiling of State budget delayed
Wisconsin State Journal: UW-Madison could see hefty tuition increase because of budget cuts. 

February 17
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Senate Democrats boycott Thursday vote on Walker's budget plan
Wisconsin State Journal: Senate Dems leaving city to avoid participating in budget vote
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Legislature could act Thursday, Joint Finance Committee approves package late Wednesday
Wisconsin State Journal:
Controversial budget bill passes committee, moves to Senate