Collaborations with College Students

Practicum Experience for Pre-service Secondary Science Teachers Using Lesson Study in Introductory Chemistry Courses

The lesson study will take place during a Contemporary Chemistry (CHM 100) lab which is two hours in length.  During the spring semester, there are two sections of CHM 100 labs with up to 24 students that will complete the same lesson on different days.  The lab will focus on heat measurements and heat exchange.  The lab will consist of six stations with four students rotating through each station at a time.  Each station will be designed by a CI-469 student (or group of students) to address content goals and scientific inquiry outcomes that are established by the team.  Each station will be equipped with a video camera to capture students working at the station.  After the lesson, the lesson study team will view the video tapes and begin to analyze the overall lesson with particular focus on outcomes related to scientific inquiry.  The lesson study team will determine the extent each station activity and overall lesson met the essential features for scientific inquiry.  The lesson study team will also monitor student conceptual understanding of the topic as the lesson progresses.

Type of Project: Lesson Study
Target Audience: College/University, UW-L Undergraduate Students
Attendees: 60 Adults
Activity Location: UW-La Crosse Campus
Participating Schools: UW-La Crosse Campus
Dates of Activity: Spring 2008
Length of Activity: Semester
Contact: Jamie Schneider,