Program & Project Development


Teams of Undergraduate Education Research students work with faculty and others to create content for Digital Learning Objects. The teams are at a number of UW Campuses and are working on Math and Science questions that relate to the PRAXIS-II content exam.

Praxis II Development ProjectType of Project: Professional development and action research
Target Audience: High School, College/University, UW-L Undergraduate Students
Attendees: 15 Adults
Activity Location: UW-La Crosse Campus
Participating Schools: Other UW campuses - Madison, Stevens Point, White Water, Washingon County and La Crosse.
Dates of Activity: Began in late August 2007 throgh the Fall semester, then repeat next semester with a new group.
Length of Activity: Multi-year
Contact: Robert Hoar,

Alice Hagar Curriculum Resources Center STEM website

The AHCRC STEM website is structured around the online version of AAAS' Project 2061’s “Resources for Science Literacy.” National Science Teacher Association, professional STEM and teaching society materials, and other resources were added to build a website which provides pre-service and in-service PK-12 teachers access to quality content grade-level books, websites and other materials. Because the vast majority of our pre-service teachers are employed in school districts around four major areas in Wisconsin and Minnesota, we have tailored our site to include regional STEM information resources.

STEM website:

Stefan Smith, John Jax, Tim Gerber, and Karen LangeType of Project: Website development
Target Audience: Elementary, Middle and High Schools
Attendees: Approximately 120 unique visitors a month
Activity Location: UW-La Crosse Campus
Participating Schools: World Wide
Length of Activity: On-going
Contact: Tim Gerber,
Supporting Links:

STEM-Professional Development School

This program is a science, technology, engineering, and math professional development school (STEM-PDS).  This is a collaborative program developed between the UW-L Biology Department, SOE, Irving Pertzsch Elementary, and Murphy Library.  An abstract of this program is available in AACTE's Preparing STEM Teachers:  The key to global competitiveness (see page 92).

Type of Project: Collaborative Program
Target Audience:
Elementary school students, pre-service teachers
20 Pre-service teachers/yr;  hundreds of elementary students
Activity Location:
Irving Pertzsch Elementary (School district of Onalaska)
Participating Schools:
Irving Pertzsch Elementary (School district of Onalaska)
Dates of Activity:
Spring semester 2008
Length of Activity:
Contact: Tim Gerber,
& Eric Brunsell,