Strategic Planning Heading Graphic

Seven key areas of focus provide the foundation on which UW-L builds our academic community of learning and inquiry. UW-L engaged in a large-scale strategic planning process in 2003 that resulted in a strategic planning document that was updated in 2005. During Spring 2011, the Joint Planning and Budget Committee (JP&B) requested updated goals and action steps from a wide variety of campus units regarding Academics, Student Development, Diversity & Globalization. A Spring 2012 executive summary of the updated document is available at the JP&B website. Compensation for faculty and staff was added as an area of focus to the summary.


Academic programs at UW-L deliver high-quality, well-rounded education in intellectually stimulating environments that foster and produce: critical thinkers, lifelong learners, skilled and collaborative practitioners, and global citizens who use knowledge and technology with wisdom and ethics. The academic programs are multidisciplinary, culturally relevant, and flexible in their design in order to be accessible and responsive to a diverse community of learners.

Student Development

As a student-centered campus, UW-L will enhance student development by providing services and programs that address the needs of all students. By supporting the personal, physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational/ professional, social, cultural, and global development of students, UW-L will nurture a community of active citizens and involved life-long learners.


UW-L is committed to ensuring an intellectually challenging and welcoming learning environment for all members of the campus community. Students, administrators, faculty, staff and community members learn and work in a physically and psychologically safe environment where they are valued for their similarities and their differences. Differences have been recognized as valued resources for the academic, cultural, and personal development that has occurred in our country and our world; therefore, they are viewed as essential to an intellectually stimulating environment. An atmosphere that fosters the exploration of issues from multiple perspectives will be commonplace for academic exploration and growth. Because diversity is an integral part of UW-L, students graduate with a commitment to being culturally knowledgeable world citizens.


UW-L desires to increase international participation for all students, faculty and staff in order to help them develop as global citizens. We will continue and expand our commitment to excellence in international programs.


UW-L strives to build upon its resources. University resources (people, time, facilities, and monies) will be directed to the highest priorities in pursuit of the greatest quality and value and in accordance with the overall strategic plan. We will continue to explore new and innovative methods to better utilize existing resources and we will aggressively seek new funding sources.

Quality Of Life Bar

We envision the university as a great place to live, learn, work, and play. UW-L is committed to providing an environment that is healthy, secure, and intellectually and culturally stimulating. The freedom to explore and express new ideas without repercussions is particularly crucial to our quality of life. UW-L is committed to nurturing an atmosphere of tolerance, fairness, and trust. The obligations and responsibilities of work and personal life are recognized as changeable over time and circumstances. Accommodating demands of work and personal life are important to overall life satisfaction. Strong efforts will be made to arrive at workable balances. Healthy lifestyles are promoted and supported by our programs and facilities. Programs to nourish the mind, body, and soul are valued and advanced. Accessible physical facilities and grounds will be clean, well maintained, comfortable, and indicate a sense of pride.


We envision a community-friendly campus and a campus-friendly community that are interconnected; these communities collaborate to share resources and expertise; achieve mutual goals by building relationships with stakeholders; and embrace diversity and creativity in people, ideas, and opportunities.