About Us

The Strength and Conditioning facilities at UW-La Crosse include the facility in the Recreational Eagle Center (REC) and the strength center in Mitchell Hall.  Each serve a wide range of populations ranging from students and faculty members interested in health and fitness to student-athletes involved in varsity level and intramural and club sport offerings.  Our facilities also house a variety of academic interests including Exercise and Sport Science (ESS) strength training classes, the La Crosse Exercise and Health Promotion (LEHP) program, and an Adapted Physical Education program.

Most prominently, undergraduate and graduate students within the ESS Strength and Conditioning programs staff each facility gaining valuable experience in their field as well as providing our members a level of service which exceeds what is commonly found in a university setting.

All of our operating costs including staffing, equipment, maintenance, and programs are derived from our memberships.  The Strength and Conditioning Centers receive no direct funding from segregated fees.