Environmental Sustainability Director

Alexis "Ali" Merbach

Alexis is a sophomore this year majoring in Communication Studies: Advocacy & Communication Criticism with a double minor in Professional/Technical Writing and Environmental Studies. She is working toward a career in technical writing and will attend law school to become an Environmental or Patent Lawyer, decision pending. She is originally from Appleton, Wisconsin and attended Kaukauna High School. To Alexis, sustainability means practical balance. She grew up in a home that stressed the importance of resource conservation (i.e. converting diesel cars to run on vegetable oil, or working on electric cars) but also enjoyed the benefits of consumption (i.e. scaling the Rockies on dirt bikes). As a mechanically minded person and natural communicator, Alexis is striving to be a liaison between both science and the public. She is a strong advocate for a greener tomorrow, but stresses that we must take practical steps to make that “tomorrow” a reality.

Alexis chose UWL for its top-notch education, small town-big opportunity feeling and the short walk across campus. The river, bluffs and marsh drew her in but the great educational resources and opportunities to grow have kept her here.  Other than her director position with Student Association, she is a member of Students for Sustainability, the Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability and the Student Services and Buildings Committee. She also works in collaboration with the Sustainability Coordinator of La Crosse County, Nick Nichols, writing articles and working on other related projects for the campus and community.

Alexis first got involved with Student Association to find campus resources on sustainability and environmentalism.  As a director, she now finds herself to a resource as well as a representative of the students. Her main focus is to promote sustainability across campus and in the community. Whether it is promoting individual people or organizations, she is working to get the word out. In order to do the aforementioned, she is collaborating to revamp the campus website to include resources for those interested in sustainability. She is also working to create a Sustainable Living Guide for UWL and the La Crosse community. It would include such information on what sustainability is, why it should be acknowledged and how to get involved within the campus and community. Its main function would be to inform and provide the necessary resources for people make a sustainable difference. She also works to fulfill the goals set by Student Association, Students for Sustainability, the Joint Committee on Environmental Sustainability and the Student Services and Buildings Committee.

Alexis can be contacted via email at: