Director of Local Affairs

Devin Remiker

Devin Remiker is a senior majoring in Political Science and Public Administration and is also a part of the Pre-Law program. He came to UW-L from Two Rivers, Wisconsin and plans on graduating in the Spring of 2014.

After initially being drawn to the university because of its campus and surrounding natural features during a trip in high school, he has become actively involved in the community outside the campus area. Working for various elected officials in the area culminated in his management of the Kabat for Mayor campaign in the spring of 2013 while also laying the groundwork for him to perform his duties as Local Affairs Director.

Director Remiker looks forward to representing the Student Association at City Council, County Board, and other events in the community. He wants to utilize his experience and connections during his last year at UW-L to improve both quality of life for students and their voice in the community.

When he’s not studying or out and about in the area he enjoys bluff climbing, socializing, and catching up on some much-needed sleep.