University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Student Senate
School of Arts and Communication Senator

Kaylee Otterbacher

Kaylee Otterbacher is currently a sophomore at UWL and represents the School of Arts and Communications.  She is double majoring in both Political Science and Communication Studies with an emphasis in Advocacy and Communication Criticism and expects to graduate in the spring of 2016.  While in La Crosse, she is three hours away from her hometown of Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Kaylee first toured the UWL campus at the age of fourteen and it has been her first choice of college ever since. The bluffs on one side of campus and the Mississippi River on the other, could it get any better?  The community of UWL was something that really intrigued Kaylee to come to UWL, the campus looked as if it was small enough to be intimate and personal yet large enough for students to really be able to branch out and try new things, and she hasn't been disappointed.  She also is a part of Cru on campus and is the Communications Director for the UWL College Republicans.

Kaylee loved being a part of Student Senate last year as a Freshman Senator and knows that this year will be just as great.  She initially joined Senate as a Freshman to get involved with the political process on campus.  As the year went on, she realized how important it is to have student involvement with their university.  Her goal is to get students involved within Senate and it's committees and ultimately involved in the decisions that run this school.  Many students don't know how much power and influence they have as students over their universities and the decisions made within them and Kaylee really wants students to get involved with what happens in their school proactively so we can make UWL the best it can be! is Kaylee's e-mail and her phone number is (262) 409-6990.