Student Health Insurance

Medical care at the Student Health Center is covered by student tuition/fees. A minimal charge may be assessed for some lab test, equipment and supplies. The student health center does not file private insurance, Student Assurance Services, or international insurance claims for these charges. However, students are strongly encouraged to obtain supplemental hospital-accident insurance to cover such expenses as: hospitalization, emergency services, specialist care, pharmacy, and ambulance transport. These costs are not covered by the Student Health Fee.

If coverage is available through a family plan, students are urged to have the name of the insurance carrier and policy/subscriber numbers available on campus.

For those students not covered under family policies, supplemental insurance plans are available, such as the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan.  This plan provides 24-hour worldwide coverage during the policy term (one calendar year). Information brochures and applications will be mailed to UWL students at their home address in July. Extra brochures and applications are available at the Health Center for UWL or WTC students

Please call Pam Woods at (608) 785-8756 if you have questions about the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan.

For questions about Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan claims:
Student Assurance Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 196
Stillwater, MN  55082-0196
Phone Toll Free: 1-800-328-2739