Contraceptives Available for Purchase at the Student Health Center


ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS - current exam, prescription, RN appointment required. We currently stock Apri, Aviane, Cryselle, MonoNessa, Nortrel 1-35, Orsythia, Sprintec & Tri-Sprintec                                              COST: $15.00/CYCLE


On-Line Request For Purchase Is Available
(see 'Online Prescription Refill' above)
*****Ensure you have an adequate supply for break times when clinic services are limited*****


DEPO-PROVERA INJECTION-current exam, prescription, RN appointment required                           COST: $45.00/INJECTION

First Depo Injection (never used or restarting):

  • Injection must be given within 5-days of period start

Repeat Depo Injection if previous injection was at another clinic & you have current prescription:

  • Bring written proof of last injection date

  • Get Depo injection on time. Evaluation & lab work required if last injection was +91 days ago


If you have a current prescription for Depo-Provera at Student Health Center:

Make RN appointment for Depo injection (allow minimum of one week to obtain appointment).

Before leaving campus during break periods, make arrangements for Depo injection with your medical clinic. 

Find out what information you need to take to Depo injection appointment.  Depending on your clinic’s requirements you may:

  • Purchase Depo-Provera vial with prescription for administration & statement of injection due date

  • Pick-up written prescription from UW-L provider who prescribed your Depo-Provera; or

  • Sign release of information form for results of last exam and Depo prescription

Remember:  Five working days are needed for medical records


EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS (ECP/MORNING-AFTER PILL)                                                             COST:  $15.00

Available through RN appointment or urgent care. Effectiveness improved by taking as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse; it may be taken up to 120 hours after contact.  ECP is not considered a method of routine birth control.


CONDOMS – No prescription is required                                                                                    COST:  $2.00/DOZEN

DIAPHRAGM – provider appointment required for diaphragm fitting; prescription written

OTHER METHODS – make a provider appointment to discuss other contraceptive methods

IUD -  provider appointment required

IMPLANON - provider appointment required


Purchasing Contraceptives at UW-L Student Health Center


Emergency Service-a one time emergency refill of oral contraceptives, ring or Depo-Provera can be provided. For oral contraceptives or ring, evidence of current prescription is necessary.  For Depo-Provera, must have verification of last injection date while medical records are being obtained.


Original written prescription from health care provider for contraceptive method we stock.  We can not accept phoned-in prescriptions or pharmacy labels. If you want your health care provider to fax a prescription, our clinic fax number is (608) 785-8746.  Ask them to include you birth date on the prescription.


Complete a release of medical information form for transfer of your contraceptive prescription records (annual exam, Pap, and number of refills remaining) to us.  Come to the Student Health Center with a picture ID to complete this paperwork.


Make an appointment for an annual exam and contraceptive prescription by calling (608) 785-8558.  If you have never used contraceptives or are changing methods, state that you need an initial exam or gyn double exam to allow for contraceptive options discussion and education.


PAYMENT:  For your convenience, all charges incurred at the UW-Student Health Center will be billed to your student account.


Family Planning Waiver Program (FORWARD-Card)-This program provides FREE birth control to eligible Wisconsin Women.  Applications are available online @