If you believe that a student is responsible for discriminatory or harassing behavior, report the incident to the Student Life Office (OSL), 149 Graff Main Hall, 785-8062.  They will provide support, explain the instances in which disciplinary action can be taken, indicate whether your situation involves a violation of University rules, help you sort out alternative courses of action, and direct you to additional resources.  There are many services and student organizations designed specifically to address the needs of students of color; women; gay, lesbian and bisexual students; international students; physically-challenged students; or returning adult students.  The Student Life Office will be happy to provide information on these and many other organizations working to eliminate discrimination on campus.  Information on the University rules governing student academic and nonacademic misconduct can be found in Chapter UWS 14 (academic misconduct), UWS 17 (nonacademic misconduct), and UWS 18 (conduct on university lands).

If you believe that an employee of the University is responsible for discriminatory or harassing behavior, report the incident to the Affirmative Action Office, 131 Graff Main Hall, 785-8541.  They will review the situation and the options with you.  The options may include an investigation and recommendations to remedy the situation.

You deserve respect and a bias-free environment

At UW-La Crosse we value every member of our community.  And our community is made up of individuals from both sexes, all races and ages, many ethnic groups, nationalities, and religions, representing a wide range of physical and mental abilities, and heterosexual, bisexual, gay male, and lesbian sexual orientations or gender identity/expressions. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is proud to affirm its commitment to a community in which all students, staff and faculty are accepted and judged as individuals, independent of ancestry, social background, physical characteristics or personal beliefs.

The University has no tolerance for discriminatory or harassing behaviors.  The Board of Regents has clearly stated that discriminatory harassment based on race, sex, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry or age is contradictory to the goals of the institution.  If you witness or are subjected to behaviors of this kind, there are offices and services to offer you support, counseling, and advice.

Regent Policy on Discrimination

It is the policy of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System that racist and discriminatory conduct will not be tolerated within the University of Wisconsin System.  Racist and discriminatory conduct encompasses harassment based upon the race, sex, gender identity or expression, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry or age of an individual or individuals.

Discrimination, discriminatory attitudes, and expressions that reflect discrimination are inconsistent with the efforts of the University of Wisconsin System to foster an environment of respect for the dignity and worth of all members of the University community and to eliminate all manifestations of discrimination within the University (adopted October 1988).

University Rules on Academic and Nonacademic Misconduct

The rules governing student academic and nonacademic misconduct may be found in Chapters UWS 14 (academic misconduct) and UWS 17 (nonacademic misconduct) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.  These Chapters define conduct which is prohibited and outline disciplinary procedures which are to be used in resolving allegations of misconduct.  Both chapters are available in full in the Student Life Office.

The University is concerned about academic misconduct (cheating) and its effects upon students and the academic integrity of the University as a whole.  If you have concerns about cheating, or if you witness cheating behavior in any of your classes, you may report it to the instructor in charge of the course.  Copies of the procedures regarding academic misconduct rules are available in the Student Life Office (OSL).  You may call the OSL, 785-8062, for further information.

Every member of the University community has the right to conduct his or her academic and social life in an environment which is free from threat, danger, harassment or other disruption.  Student conduct which interferes with the life and work of the University and its members is prohibited.  The University may discipline a student for nonacademic misconduct which causes a serious danger to other members of the University community or guests; seriously damages or destroys University property or attempts to do so; or obstructs or impairs University activities.  Prohibited conduct also includes unauthorized possession of University property or the property of another member of the University or intentionally making a false statement to a University employee.

In 1989, the UW System Board of Regents adopted new rules governing student nonacademic conduct which provided that certain kinds of discriminatory harassment by students were subject to disciplinary action within the UW System.  In October, 1991, a federal district court found the discriminatory harassment rule, UWS 17.06(2), unconstitutionally vague and broad.  The Board of Regents chose not to appeal the court decision, but decided instead to redraft the rule to meet constitutional muster.  In May, 1992, the Board of Regents approved a proposed redrafted version which was sent to the Legislature for review.  In June, 1996, the University of Wisconsin System promulgated the newly-approved revisions to Chapter UWS 17, Wisconsin Administrative Code, governing Administrative Register, and was effective September 1, 1996.  For further information on the discriminatory harassment rule, please contact the Student Life Office (OSL), 785-8062.