UW-La Crosse licenses all registered university logos.  All officially licensed products will carry a tag or label identifying them as such.

What is licensing?
Licensing is the process of contracting for the rights to use a trademark, copyright, or patent belonging to an institution or business.  For the University, it is a way to protect our marks, promote the institution, and generate revenue.

What does this mean for students?
First, licensing is your assurance that products have met standards for high quality.  Product prices will be slightly higher than before, since the licensing fee is passed on to consumers.  Third, you may NOT just go somewhere and have a T-shirt, can cooler or other item made up using a UW-La Crosse logo.

What if a hall, a team or other group wants to get T-shirts made?
Any group that wants items with a UW-La Crosse mark will have to buy from a licensed vendor.  The group will also need permission to use UW-La Crosse or any UW-La Crosse symbol -- the eagle, seal, Main Place logo, etc.  Campus groups may ask to have the license fee waived for a specific product if the merchandise is ordered on a university purchase order and not for resale.

How do you get a fee waived?
Requests for waivers should be made in writing to Karen Daniel, University Centers, 212 Cartwright Center.  Forms to request a waiver are available in that office.  Karen Daniel administers the program with the assistant to the the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance

Why is UW-L doing this?
The primary reason is to promote and protect registered university logos.  The University also wants to ensure the quality of products with a UW-L logo, since people associate the quality of the product with the quality of the school.  Consistent use of the registered logos is also a consideration.

How do you collect the royalty?
The royalty fee is assessed at the point of production when the registered mark is used.

Where does the money go?
After covering expenses, the royalties will be used to support minority student scholarships.