Welcome to SUFAC


  • SUFAC (Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee) is a standing committee of the Student Senate (UW-L Student Association). This committee is responsible for allocating segregated fees paid by students as defined by the Board of Regents Policy.
  • The UW-L SUFAC is established by authority of Wis. Statute 36.09(5) Adobe PDF file and  the UW-L Student Association Constitution Adobe PDF file.
  • SUFAC is comprised of eight students (five Student Senators and three at-large Appointees), two faculty members appointed by Faculty Senate, the Associate Vice-Chancellor/Dean of Student Development, and the Budget Officer. The President and Vice-President of the Student Association also act as ex-officio non-voting members of the committee; unless quorum is needed at which time they become voting members.
  • The main task of SUFAC is to allocate segregated university fees among eligible university departments and student activities as identified in the SUFAC By-Laws. Allocable segregated fees are monies designated to student activities, such as: student organizations, athletics, and recreation. These budgets typically total around $1.2 million in spending authority.
  • SUFAC is also responsible for making recommendations to the Chancellor on non-allocable segregated fees charged to students. Examples of non-allocable segregated fees include charges that are determined by contracts, personnel commitments, bond agreements, conference commitments, operation of physical plant, etc. Non-allocable segregated fees support parking services, University Centers, textbook rental, the Health Center, among other university expenses. These budgets total $10.4 million.

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