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  • Logging-on:  Sylvia now has a list of all grant participants' usernames and passwords.

  • Error Messages:
Generally, if you enter incorrect information while logging-on, the system will tell you and then will automatically return you to the log-on screen.
If you are taken to a separate Error message screen it is usually because of two reasons: 1) your computer's security is set too high and you need to set your cookies threshold lower or 2) the system is down.  The D2L system is taken down for regular maintenance a few times per week at off-peak hours.  Yes, it does crash on its own at times, but much less than in the past.


  • Posting:

You are able to post to is the Discussion , Chat, and Dropbox sections.  If you would like something posted to Links or Content please e-mail Sylvia.

  • All areas can be seen by all the participants with the exception of the Grades section, only you and the "Instructors" are able to see that section.  We are not currently utilizing the Grades section.
  • Highlighted Names:

If a name if highlighted it means that person is currently logged-on to D2L.  For UWL students and staff it means they are currently logged-on to e-mail and/or D2L.

  • Recording Log-ins:

Yes, D2L can provide us with a time and date list of who is logging-in.  Other participants cannot see this information.

  • Adding or making corrections to sections you can't edit:

Email Jodi, Elise, or Sylvia with what you would like to post or correct.

Revised 08/25/2008  


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