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Recommendations by Victor Macias


§   Hispanic Division at the Library of Congress


Country Guides, Handbook of Latin America Online, Parallel

Histories Project, Spanish-American War link, etc.

§   PBS


      Latino Public Broadcasting


Videos on Hispanic history and culture, teaching guides and activities.   Units on the American West, on the Mexican War, on the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement.

§   National Latino Film and Video Archive/National Latino Communications Center


                   Videos on Chicano Movement and other useful teaching tools

         §   LASA—Latin American Studies Association


Professional organization, info on annual meetings, links

§   CLACS—Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies in Milwaukee


 as video libraries, grants to help you plan activities (if you work with affiliated faculty), speakers’ bureau, many other programs.

§   Instituto Cervantes


Spanish-run gov’t agency for Language and Cultural instruction; the branch at Chicago has a large video library; they will ship it to you for free, and run a speakers’ bureau from which you can request artists and scholars.

§   Mexican Consulates also run similar programs.

http://www.sre.gob.mx/  Foreign Ministry

http://www.sre.gob.mx/ime/  Outreach to Mexicans Abroad

http://www.consulmexchicago.com/ links from Consulate in Chicago

   Arte Público Press, children’s division, Piñata Press








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