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St. Gregory, Judith, So You Want to Be President, Philomel: 2000  Provides interesting and humorous facts about the U.S. presidency and the forty-two men who have been president in the country's history.  RL 4.8


  Liberty's Daughters: The Revolutionary Experience of American Women, 1775-1783, Mary Beth Norton (1980).


  Beyond the American Revolution: Explorations in the History of American Radicalism, Alfred F. Young, ed., (1993).


  Tom Paine and Revolutionary America, Eric Foner, (1976).


  Rebels and Democrats: The Struggle for Equal Political Rights and Majority Rule During the American Revolution, Elisha Douglass, (1955).


  The Power of the Purse: A History of American Public Finance, 1776-1790, E. James Ferguson, (1961).


  Inventing the People: The Rise of Popular Sovereignty in England and America, Edmund S. Morgan, (1988).


  The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction, Akhil Reed Amar, (1998).


  The Other Founders: Anti-Federalism and the Dissenting Tradition in America, 1788-1828, Saul Cornell, (1999).


  A Machine That Would Go by Itself: The Constitution in American Culture, Michael Kammen, (1986).


  The Struggle for Neutrality: Franco-American Diplomacy During the Federalist Era, Albert Bowman, (1974).


  Freedom's Fetters: The Alien and Sedition Laws and American Civil Liberties, James Morton Smith, (1956).


  Women of the Republic: Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America, Linda Kerber, (1980).


  Federalists Reconsidered, Doron Ben-Atar adn Barbara B. Oberg, eds., (1998).


  The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Revolution, 1770-1823, David B. Davis, (1975).


  American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson, Joseph J. Ellis, (1996).


  Jefferson's Empire: The Language of American Nationhood, Peter S. Onuf, (2000).


  Jefferson and the Indians: The Tragic Fate of the First Americans, Anthony F.C. Wallace, (1999).


  Political Parties and American Political Development from the Age of Jackson to the Age of Lincoln, Michael F. Holt, (1992).


Congress and the Constitution
Thomas Jefferson


Alexander Hamilton


  • Eric Foner's (Columbia University) handouts concerning

     Definitions of "American Freedom."

  • Dave Johnson's (Whitefish Bay School District) lesson plan handouts

         Cold War Letter to Students

         Iraq Speech

         Iraq Speech: Imperialism Analysis Worksheet

       Power Grab Exercise

        Predict Dred Scott

        Who Said It #1

        Who Said It #2

        Yellow Journalism


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