Central Wisconsin History Collaborative

Summer Colloquium 2007
July 23rd-27th
"Struggles for Democracy"

Invited SpeakersAgendaFacilities & FoodFAQs

Invited Keynote Speakers:

ALSO Presenting:

  • Elise Denlinger
  • Tami Hillestad
  • Bill Pemberton (via DVD)
  • Jenny Ruetten
  • Jodi Vandenberg-Daves
  • Greg Wegner
  • Sam Wineburg
  • Julie Zumach



Current Agenda

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Facilities & Food:

Cartwright Center:

We will be using the Ward Room and Port O'Call on the first floor on Cartwright Center on the UW-La Crosse campus. 


We will continue our regular food service schedule of a continental breakfast, full lunch, and a morning and afternoon beverage/snack break.  The menu will be posted as soon as the order is finalized.

FAQs (many of these were answered in the letter that was sent out 6/19/07)

Where should I park?

The Parking Office has authorized us to use lot C-2.  A bright orange parking permit is included in the materials sent to your home address.  Failure to display the permit or park in a lot other that C-2 will result in a $15.00 parking ticket (minimum) each day.

Should I wear/bring anything special?

The temperatures can vary wildly in Cartwright.  Layers are your best bet.
There is an outdoor field trip planned to Perrot State Park that will involve hiking.

When am I getting my stipend?

Most of you should receive it at the colloquium.

How will I be reimbursed for travel?

Travel Expense Reports will be available to be signed on Friday, unless you make prior arrangements. 
People staying at the hotel will automatically have a report generated. 
Please let me know if you are not staying at the hotel and would like to be reimbursed for mileage.
The mileage will be based on past reports unless you specify a different start location.

What information do you need to generate a Travel Expense Report for me*?

  • Your Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Home mailing address
  • The days you traveled.
  • The time you departed your home and the time you arrived back home.
  • Your signature
*If I have generated a report for you in the past, I will have all this information on file.

Will we be getting books at the colloquium?

You received all the books for this colloquium in the mail.  The exception is for those of you who did not receive "Women's America" at the Spring Retreat.  I will be e-mailing those that did not sign that they received the book. 

Can I bring someone with me to the colloquium?

Please e-mail Jodi regarding the attendance of non-grantees. 

Can someone stay with me at the hotel?

You may make upgrades to your hotel room or have additional people stay with you.  However, you must pay for any additional charges yourself.  It is illegal for the grant to pay anything above the basic single occupancy state-rate for your room.  In the past the Radisson has charged $15 for each additional person.  Rooms with a river view or refrigerators/microwaves will also cost more.


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