The Disability History Museum website



*Library of primary sources in disability history, texts and images

*Coming soon:  Disability History exhibits

                          Teacher Resources and Course Packets


Disability Studies in the Humanities, a Crossroads platform (U.S. Dept. Ed. funded)


With many links to various resources on

*Disability memorabilia

*Course syllabi (post-secondary)

*Interdisciplinary bibliography on disability in the humanities



H-Disability:  An H-Net Discussion Network

Site for the discussion network devoted to scholarly issues in the history of disability.

            *Reviews of current books in disability history

            *Subject-searchable discussion logs

            *Info on joining the discussion


The Society for Disability Studies


With many links (bottom left of home page) to various resources on

            *News and media

            *Policy and activism

            *Scholarly sites




Beyond Affliction:  The Disability History Project

A four-part series from NPR on disability history in the U.S. since 1800

            1.  Inventing the Poster Child

            2.  What’s Work Got To Do With It?

            3. The Overdue Revolution

            4.  Tomorrow’s Children



Davis, Lennard, ed.  The Disability Studies Reader.    New York:  Routledge, 1997.


Fleischer, Doris Zames and Frieda Zames.  The Disability Rights Movement:  From

Charity to Confrontation.  Philadelphia:  Temple U. Press, 2001.


Longmore, Paul and Laura Umansky.  The New Disability History: American

Perspectives.  New York:  NYU Press, 2001.




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