Yellow Journalism Activity







INSTRUCTIONS:  Find an article from any news source about the situation in Iraq and attach it to this assignment.  OR give a detailed description of a news story you watched on television about the situation in Iraq (describe where you saw it, when you saw it, the story itself, and the way it was reported.


Then…answer the following questions.


  1. Do you feel the article/program shows sensationalism at all? If so, give an example.









  1. Does the program or article represent a variety of perspectives?  If so, what are the muliple perspectives provided?  If not, what perspectives are missing?  Use a specfic example. 
















  1. Is there evidence of bias or personal opinion in the article or news program.  If not, cite specific lines that cause you to believe this.  Provide a specific example











  1. On what page of the news did you find this story OR during which part of the news broadcast (beginning, middle, or end ) did this air.  Based on the source of information, why do you think this story was placed here?













  1. Based on this story, do you believe this source of information is credible?  Why or why not?  Was your article or program an example of yellow journalism?