Teaching Controversial Topics

Below is a sampling of websites related to teaching controversial topics and exploring strategies for dealing with concerns raised by parents, administrators, students, or colleagues.


To view The Boulder Valley Schools' policy statements regarding the teaching of controversial issues, go to: http://www.bvsd.k12.co.us/sb/policies/INB.htm.


A website providing methods of encouraging open discussion of controversial topics:



To view a proposal, complete with lesson plans, on ways to encourage open discussion of controversial topics go to: http://www.unm.edu/~abqteach/justice/02-04-09.htm.




Points to Ponder When Planning to Discuss Controversial Material:

  • Are high-quality instructional resources available on this topic?

  • Is there a clear connection between the issue and the larger curriculum goal?

  • Have you informed parents about issues that may be controversial, by sending a note home for example?

  • Do you know you legal rights?  



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