History 10 Project and Presentation


Prehistory-Civil War (1865)


With a partner you will be required to: Research and write about a historical topic, draw posters, construct a model, create your own skit, or make a video and to explain the significance of the topic in front of the class.


I.  Choose a topic which existed as a part of American history during the time frame we are studying:  (Pre-history-Civil War).  A list will be e provided.


II.  Once you choose your topic you will need to do the following:

1. Research information which identifies and describes your topic in detail and the significance it had during that time period.

2. Directions for the written material:

            A. It should have a title

            B. Double-spaced typed

            C. The material in the paper should describe what your topic is and how it was

            significant to that particular time period.

            D. The content of the paper should be two pages in length.

            E. Record the required three sources at the end of your written material when

            you are completed.

3. Construct a model

            A. Construct (build) an actual model of the topic itself.

            B. Provide enough pictures on a poster paper to enhance your model and be

            able to thoroughly explain what it is and its significance in American History.

4. Create and act out a skit of a particular event or place in time.  You should have written script and props for the setting of that particular time frame.  Props can be big posters, clothing, or any objects that would match the appropriate era.

**You may make a video of the event to show the class or do the skit in class the day it is due.


1. You will then need to demonstrate and explain your topic to the class using the written material you gathered.

2. Following your explanation, you will demonstrate your material to the class.

3. Your presentation should last approximately ten minutes.  (You will not read from your written material.  You will present the material with your knowledge of the topic and occasionally using note cards to help you with your presentation.)

4. The class will then be required to ask you questions about your demonstration in which you have to answer to the best of your knowledge.

Grading Your Demonstration

1. Did the presentation demonstrate effort, planning, and organization?

2. Was the presentation interesting and worthwhile?

3. Did the presentation demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment?

4. Did the presentation allow students to understand and learn about the ways people lived at that period of time?

Project will be worth 100points and part of your test grade for the quarter.  (Equivalent of two 50-point test grades)


Topics for History Projects

Build a Viking ship or a Spanish galleon

Revolutionary-Civil War warships

Build Tenochtictlan or another ancient city of the Americas



Early explorers

French fur trading and exploration of Great Lakes

Build a fort (Jamestown, Ticonderoga, etc.)

Build New Amsterdam and Explain it

Mayflower and the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Colonial punishment

Salem Witch Trials

Design Philadelphia

New England whaling/fishing/trading ports

Design a New England town

Make a log cabin

Make a slave ship

Make a Southern plantation with the Great House

Build one of the first universities of public schools

Build a fort from the French and Indian War (page 154)

Portray battles from:

            The French and Indian War

            Revolution (ex.:  Bunker Hill, Trenton)

            War of 1812 (ex.  Battle of New Orleans)

            War with Mexico

            Civil War

Boston Massacre

Boston Tea Party

Do physical maps of colonies or a colony during Revolution

Valley Forge winter of 1777-78

Naval battle

John Paul Jones

Swamp Fox

Designs of the Federal City (Washington, D.C.)

Build Independence Hill

The Whiskey Rebellion

Indian battles

Build the USS Constitution

Scene where Star Spangled Banner was written

War of 1812, Battle for Lake Erie

Design and early factory in the Industrial Revolution

Design the early roads

Make a Conestoga wagon

Make a steamboat

Make the Erie Canal

Trail of Tears

Oregon Trail

Life of the mountain men

The Battle of the Alamo (build it)

Spanish missionaries

Gold Rush to California



Water locks and how they work

John Brown

Fort Sumter




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