American Experience

Revolutionary Trading Cards


Your assignment is to produce Revolutionary personality “Trading Cars.”  You may use the people n the “suggested” list, or you may propose your own idea to the teacher (BEFORE you start!)  Each card will be rated according to its “value” (VALUE = how rare it is and its quality) after all the cards are turned in.  Each card should have the following basic components:

·        Picture or drawing of the person (neatness counts, but a well-drawn picture or caricature is a good as a picture)

·        Facts:  Name/titles (General, Governor, etc.) of the person, date of birth (d.o.b.) and date of death (d.o.b.) information

·        Important jobs or titles held and contributions to the Revolution—why were they worth remembering? How did they contribute?

·        Any other relevant and/or interesting information about the person’s contribution and personality (don’t make your card cluttered!)


You will be given blank 3” x 5” cards, markers, and class time to complete this project.  You may use your History textbook, your Literature book, the “Don’t Know Much About History” book, sources provided in the classroom (encyclopedias, books, etc.), as well as any other source you may find during your ONE IMC search day.  All cards should have the previously mentioned basics, but you may add more information.  Neatness counts, so you may wan to plan your layout before you begin work on your cards!


A Level

            4 cards of overall excellent quality.  Minimum of 1 from the Literature list.

B Level

            3-4 cards.  Either 3 “excellents” or 2 “excellents” and 2 “acceptables.”  Minimum of 1 from the

            Literature list.

 C Level

            3 cards of at least “acceptable” quality.  Minimum of 1 from the Literature list.






Neatness/visual appeal

Other information (include a quote)


Clear, accurate color photo/original drawing/caricature. Must cite source.

Name, title, birth & death, + at least two other life “facts.”

Clear evidence of important Revolutionary contribution

Very neat (no erasures/smudges/etc.). Writing is meat with consistent margins. Not crowded.

Clear evidence of character’s “personality” and contribution. Cites a primary source.


Photo or drawing. Must site source.

Name, title, birth & death.

Some evidence of person’s contribution to Revolutionary period

1 or 2 blemishes. Most margins consistent. Minimal crowding.

Some evidence of character’s “personality” and contribution. Cites a primary source.


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