Voice Mail

At the request of the La Crosse Area Centrex (telephone) Users Group our voice mail contract with Century Telephone was renegotiated.  The Users Group includes the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; Western Wisconsin Technical College; and city, county, and other state governmental agencies.

The new contract is for enhanced voicemail only.  The enhanced mailbox includes features and services as listed below. 

Enhanced Voice Mailbox: $5.70 per month, per mailbox 

Units and departments will be charged $5.00 per mailbox for installation and/or changes. Mailboxes are billed on a monthly basis.

Enhanced Voice Mail

  • Call forward when no answer
  • Call forward when busy
  • Digital quality multiple greetings (no answer and busy)
  • Remote retrieval
  • Group distribution lists
  • Message locator
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • Confirmation of message delivery
  • Fax receive & store capability
  • Send copy of existing message
  • Urgent delivery-message is heard first
  • Future message delivery

Explanation of some of the features are listed below. For additional information about features, costs, and ordering procedures, please call 785-8002.

Feature Explanations:

Confirmation of delivery

The voice mail system will send a message to you when the recipient has listened to your message.

Dial by name

Callers who do not know the telephone number of an individual will be prompted to spell the name of the person they are calling using the telephone touchpad. As soon as the caller enters enough letters to match a mailbox name, the voice processing module plays the mailbox name and asks the caller to confirm or decline the destination.

Extended absence greeting

Allows you to advise your callers that you will be away from your desk for an extended period (vacation for example) and will be checking your mailbox periodically.

Fax receive & store - special order

You can receive a fax message in the same mailbox as your voice messages. You control when and where your fax messages are printed by entering the destination fax machine number.

Future message delivery

You can have the voice mail system deliver your message at a specific time or on a specific date.

Group distribution lists

If you send messages to the same group of people frequently, you can set up lists similar to your E-mail nicknames, up to 15 lists with up to 25 mailbox numbers each.

Message locator

Allows you to see if the recipient has listened to your message. The feature also lets you locate and play messages in your mailbox that you have received from a specific subscriber.

Urgent delivery

A message is cued for review before non urgent messages.

When changing office telephone numbers or leaving UW-La Crosse permanently,
please leave your voicemail password with a program assistant or Telephone Services
so that they next user may set up their voicemail.