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Political Science and Public Administration
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    Political Science Education Minor

    (Teacher certification programs)

    21 credits

    POL  101American National Government3
    or  POL  102 State and Local Government
    POL  201Introduction to Political Science3
    POL  202Contemporary Global Issues3
    or  POL  234 Comparative Political Systems
    POL  495Seminar3
    Select one of the following:3
    Legislative Process
    Political Parties
    Constitutional Law II: The First Amendment
    Constitutional Law III: Racial, Gender and Targeted Group Discrimination
    Constitutional Law VI: Criminal Procedure
    Electives in political science 16
    Total Credits21

    Excluding POL 408

    Teacher certification candidates must also complete GEO  200 Conservation of Global Environments (3 cr.) and EFN  200 Cooperatives (1 cr.) to fulfill statutory licensing requirements (credits do not count toward the political science education minor); in addition, early adolescence-adolescence candidates must also complete POL  408 Teaching and Learning History & Social Studies in the Secondary School (4 cr.) unless a major in social studies education (broad field), geography education, history education, or sociology education is completed.