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Political Science and Public Administration
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    Public Administration Minor

    (All colleges)

    21 credits

    Course List
    POL 102 State and Local Government 3
    POL 211 Introduction to Public Administration 3
    POL 450 Internship in Government and Politics 6
    Select nine credits of the following: 9
    Public Sector Economics  
    Urban Politics  
    Urban Administration and Politics
    Public Personnel Administration  
    Public Budgeting and Finance  
    Public Policy  
    Special Topics in Public Administration  
    Ethics Management in Government  
    Health Policy  
    Environmental Politics and Policymaking  
    Constitutional Law VII: Administrative Law  
    Nonprofit Organizations  
    Total Credits 21

    POL 101 American National Government (3 cr.) is a prerequisite to the minor.

    POL 300 Urban Politics (3 cr.), POL 311 Public Personnel Administration (3 cr.), POL 312 Public Budgeting and Finance (3 cr.), POL 313 Public Policy (3 cr.), POL 314 Urban Administration and Politics (3 cr.), POL 316 Ethics Management in Government (3 cr.), POL 317 Health Policy (3 cr.), POL 318 Environmental Politics and Policymaking (3 cr.), POL 376 Constitutional Law VII: Administrative Law (3 cr.), POL 416 Nonprofit Organizations (3 cr.) and six credits of POL 450 Internship in Government and Politics (1-12 cr.) may not be counted toward a major in political science if they are included as electives for this minor.