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    LIFE Bowling Event

    Student organizations are a great way to get involved with the UWL campus. You can search for and join student organizations by using UWL MyOrgs.

    Global Buddy Program

    The Global Buddy Program matches domestic students, faculty and staff with international students and visiting scholars to create long-lasting international friendships. This group offers opportunities for domestic and International students and scholars to share interests, language, culture, and friendship on the UW-La Crosse campus, in the La Crosse community, and beyond. Members meet with their global buddy one-on-one or during our organized events.

    Some past group events include: trips to cities in Wisconsin and surrounding states, picnics, game nights, bowling outings, cultural food nights, camping and hiking trips, football games, and more! 

    To sign up please complete the online application. Interested in learning more please contact

    La Crosse Friends of International Students (LFIS)

    The mission of La Crosse Friends of International Students families is to relate to their student(s) in order to help them and provide a window to American culture and values. Families occasionally invite the students into their homes for dinner; they might give a tour of La Crosse or take the students to a concert, county fair or any typical American event. Activities with students are entirely up to host families. The frequency of meetings is dependent on both parties' schedules.

    International Students interested in being matched with a LFIS Friendship download an application and please return it to Miranda Panzer, 

    Community members/families interested in learning more about becoming an LFIS Friendship Family please download an application to apply and learn more.

    Quote from a current LFIS Friendship Family:

    We have been a friendship family for over twenty years, and we have grown so much from what we have learned from our students. Where else can you find friends from all over the world, and share experiences with right in your own home and city? From German students cooking spaetzle in our kitchen, to Japanese students reading Hello Kitty in their own language to our children, to our five Albanian students who shared stories of their country over a three hour dinner. There has been no end to the cultural enrichment our family has gained through partnering with LFIS, and we have formed lifelong friendships with many wonderful international students.  - Kimberlee Chavalas 

    For more information, contact:


    Miranda Panzer, International Student Advisor, 608.785.8016,

    International Student Organizations

    Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)
    CSSA provides social networking for its members at UWL and helpful information for Chinese students and scholars related to language help, study skills, campus jobs, and volunteer, traveling, and other study abroad experiences.

    International Student Organization (ISO)
    ISO is dedicated to helping international students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with their academic, social, and cultural development. The organization provides opportunities for students to expand their insight on different cultures of the world by participating in educating and strengthening UWL campus students and La Crosse community members.

    Saudi Student Association (S.S.A.)
    The purpose of the Saudi Student Association is to inform and share the Saudi culture with the community of La Crosse.

    Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
    VSA is an organization whose primary purpose is providing opportunities to nurture and promote interests in Vietnamese culture, history and traditions.

    Cultural Coffee Hour

    International Education & Engagement wants to welcome international students and study abroad alum to be a presenter of a 
    Cultural Coffee Hour
    For those who have not heard of Cultural Coffee Hour, it is an event that helps create awareness of international topics and issues while generating respect and appreciation of different cultures. Participating in this activity would could look great on a resume or scholarship application.
    Cultural Coffee Hour is held in the Hall of Nations at 5:00 PM and on the following dates:
    Dates to come soon


    Here is the link to sign up to be a presenter/facilitator: To come early Fall 2016

    If you do not want to present but wish to still attend, you are more than welcome!! There will be free coffee and cookies. :) We at IEE would very much appreciate your participation!
    ​For more information or have questions please email Miranda Panzer,, or Allie Pflughoeft, ​
    ​We hope you have a wonderful day!

    School/Class Presentations

    International students and study abroad alum stay tuned for more information to come. Faculty/staff interested in a panel should contact Miranda Panzer, for additional information.