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  • Health insurance

    F-1 and J-1 Students

    Healthcare in the United States can be very expensive. All J-1 and F-1 international students are required to enroll in health insurance for the duration of their stay at UW-L. Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) provides medical insurance to international students at UW-L. This health insurance can only be used in the U.S.

    It is extremely important to know how to use this insurance to ensure injuries and illnesses can be covered. Unpaid healthcare bills can cost thousands of dollars that will be your responsibility. Additionally, unpaid medical bills may be sent to a collections agency and may even impact future visits to the U.S.

    If you visit a healthcare facility off campus, make sure to bring your insurance card. 

    In-network Providers List

    Ask the facility to make a copy of your insurance card for their records. Also, ask if there are any forms you need to sign to make sure the healthcare facility can send your information to CISI. 

    Next, complete a Medical Claim Form as soon as possible after your visit. CISI cannot make a payment on your medical bill until they have received information from the healthcare facility and your Medical Claim Form. IEE can submit your Medical Claim Form directly to CISI, or if you prefer, you can submit it by yourself.

    Save everything that is sent to you from CISI and the healthcare facility where you were seen. If you receive a bill from a healthcare facility and have not yet submitted a Medical Claim Form, do so immediately. Additionally, CISI may contact you if they need additional information. Open the mail and review it carefully. If you have questions, please see your international student advisor. 

    CISI determines how much insurance will cover for the cost of a visit to a healthcare facility. A letter will be sent to you explaining what CISI insurance will cover and what cost you are responsible for paying. It is important that you pay the cost not covered by insurance to the healthcare facility as soon as possible. Many healthcare facilities allow patients to pay their bill online using a credit card. This information will be included in correspondence from the healthcare facility.

    J-2 and F-2 (Dependents)

    Health insurance is also available for dependents.