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  • Overview

    The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is dedicated to supporting research, scholarly and creative activities by students. UW-L aims to enhance this experience with institutional support for students and faculty members.  The office of Undergraduate Research & Creativity Program  is dedicated to fulfilling this mission.


    Recent Projects


    • Danny Bero worked with Dr. Melissa Bingham on research entitled "A Permutation Test for Three-Dimensional Rotation Data."  He presented at NCUR and the MAA-WI sectional meeting.  They have submitted a paper to Involve.
    • Andrew Prudhom worked on research with Dr. Robert Allen entitled "Multiplication Operators Between Iterated Logarithmic Lipschitz Spaces on an Infinite Tree."  He presented his work at NCUR.  They are preparing a manuscript for publication.
    • Charlie Schimenz and Veronia Tibbetts worked on research with Dr. Eric Eager studying population dynamics of disturbance specialist plants subject to autocorrected disturbance regimes.  Their work will be included in an ongoing manuscript studying how the color of environmental noise affects a population's ability to persist.
    • Chris Wagar is currently working with Dr. Melissa Bingham on a project entitled "Bootstrapping for Measures of Central Tendency for Three-Dimensional Rotation Data."  He presented his preliminary work at the UW-L College of Science and Health Summer Celebration of Research in August.
    • Mac Gallagher worked with Dr. Huiya Yan on research entitiled "Enumerating all Strongly Connected Orientations of Unweighted and Weighted Mixed Multigraphs". Their work will be used to supplement another manuscript entitled "A Graph Theoretical Approach to Traffic Modeling - The One-Way Street Problem". They are preparing both manuscripts for publication.