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  • Colloquium

    The Mathematics Colloquium meets on alternating Fridays from 3:30-4:30 pm in 1401 Centennial Hall.

    Students are encouraged to attend!

    Robert Allen ( and Chad Vidden ( are organizers of the Department Colloquium for the 2014-2015 academic year. Please contact either of them if you have a good candidate for a colloquium speaker.

    Schedule for Fall 2014

    Date Speaker Title
    09/12  Nathan Warnberg 
    UW-L Mathematics
    Coloring the Integers modulo n (pdf)
    10/03  Student Presentations Math and Statistics Competitions (pdf)
    10/10 Chad Vidden
    UW-L Mathematics

    An introduction to discontinuous Galerkin methods 

    with discussion of undergraduate research (pdf)
    10/24  Student Presentations 

    Summer 2014 Math Dean's Distinguished Fellows (pdf)

    10/31 Roberto Salgado
    UW-L Physics
    Spacetime Trigonometry:  A Cayley-Klein Geometry Approach to Special and General Relativity (pdf)
    11/14 Friedrich Littmann
    NDSU Mathematics
    The North Dakota State University Graduate Program
    with Discussion of the Riemann Zeta Function (pdf)
    11/21  Student Presentations  Math REU and Internship Experiences (pdf)
    12/5 Tushar Das
    UW-L Mathematics
    From Fractions to Fractals:
    A mathematical tour through the ages