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    Creative Writing Minor

    Writing minor restriction

    (All colleges)

    18 credits

    ENG 305Creative Writing 13
    Select three credits of the following:3
    Foundations for Literary Studies
    Prose Style and Editing
    Literary Journal Production and Publication
    History of the English Language
    Modern English Grammars: Analysis of Language 2
    The Rhetorics of Style
    Linguistics and Literature
    Creative Nonfiction
    Introduction to Teaching Writing
    Topics in Linguistics
    Select six credits of the following:6
    Writing Tutor Practicum
    Intermediate Topics in Literature
    Children's Literature
    Introduction to Linguistics
    Adolescent Literature
    The Essay
    The Novel
    The Short Story
    Studies in Film Literature
    European Literature in Translation
    World Literature
    Old and Middle English Literature
    English Renaissance
    Shakespeare I
    Shakespeare II
    Restoration and 18th Century British Literature
    19th Century British Literature
    British Literature After 1900
    Early American Literature
    Nineteenth Century American Literature
    American Literature After 1900
    Literature of American Ethnic and Minority Cultures
    American Indian Literature
    Latino Literature in English
    Women Authors
    Individual Projects
    Teaching and Learning English in the Secondary School
    Writing Portfolio
    Topics in Critical Theory
    Seminar in Advanced Fiction Writing
    Seminar in Advanced Poetry Writing
    Chinese Discourse
    Literature and Environmental Action
    Forms of Fiction
    Forms of Poetry
    English Internship
    Seminar in British Literature
    British Romanticism (1770-1830)
    Victorian Poets
    Post-Colonial Anglophone Literatures
    Seminar in American Literature
    American Romanticism
    American Realism
    Fiction and Nonfiction of Richard Wright
    African American Essay and Short Story
    20th Century African American Novels
    Seminar in Literature and Culture
    Advanced Study of Women's Literature
    Capstone: Literary Studies
    Advanced Topics in Literature
    Advanced Study of Major Authors
    Seminar in Rhetoric and Writing Studies
    Select three credits of the following
    ENG 446Forms of Fiction3
    or ENG 449 Forms of Poetry
    Select three credits of the following
    ENG 416Seminar in Advanced Fiction Writing3
    or ENG 417 Seminar in Advanced Poetry Writing
    Total Credits18

    Prior to enrolling in the remaining courses in the minor, students must meet with a creative writing advisor.


    Course description and title are changing starting Fall 2014. The new course description is as follows:

    ENG 332 Cr. 3
    Modern English Grammars

    An introduction to the structure of the English language, focusing primarily on its syntax. Investigation of the various grammatical functions that words perform and how those words combine to create phrases, clauses, and sentences. Development of skills for analyzing and describing English sentences. Prerequisite: ENG 110 or ENG 112. Offered Fall, Spring.