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    English Education Minor

    Writing minor restriction

    (Teacher certification programs: early adolescence-adolescence, early childhood-adolescence, or middle childhood-early adolescence)

    19-23 credits

    Select three credits of the following:3
    History of the English Language
    Introduction to Linguistics
    Modern English Grammars
    Language Study for Teachers
    Linguistics and Literature
    Topics in Linguistics
    ENG 306Writing in Education3
    Select three credits of the following:3
    Writing in the Arts and Humanities
    Creative Writing
    Writing for Management, Public Relations and the Professions
    Technical Writing
    Writing in the Sciences
    Prose Style and Editing
    Reporting and Copy Editing
    Feature and Specialized Writing
    Creative Nonfiction
    Introduction to Teaching Writing
    ENG 301Foundations for Literary Studies4
    ENG 341Adolescent Literature3
    Select three credits of the following:3
    Intermediate Topics in Literature
    The Essay
    The Novel
    The Short Story
    European Literature in Translation
    World Literature
    Old and Middle English Literature
    English Renaissance
    Shakespeare I
    Shakespeare II
    Restoration and 18th Century British Literature
    19th Century British Literature
    British Literature After 1900
    Early American Literature
    Nineteenth Century American Literature
    American Literature After 1900
    Literature of American Ethnic and Minority Cultures
    American Indian Literature
    Latino Literature in English
    Women Authors
    Literature and Environmental Action
    Forms of Poetry
    Seminar in British Literature
    British Romanticism (1770-1830)
    Victorian Poets
    Post-Colonial Anglophone Literatures
    Seminar in American Literature
    American Romanticism
    American Realism
    Fiction and Nonfiction of Richard Wright
    African American Essay and Short Story
    20th Century African American Novels
    Seminar in Literature and Culture
    Advanced Study of Women's Literature
    Advanced Topics in Literature
    Advanced Study of Major Authors
    Certification 1
    ENG 405Teaching and Learning English in the Secondary School4
    Total Credits19-23

    required only for those seeking early adolescence-adolescence certification

    Additional teacher education requirements are listed in the STEP program core.