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    Barbara Stewart

    Associate Dean for Campus Climate & Diversity

    Nizam Arain

    Director of Affirmative Action

    Madeline Holzem

    Executive Director of Human Resources

    John Palmer

    Assistant Dean of Students


    1131 Centennial Hall


    131 Graff Main Hall


    144 Graff Main Hall


    149 Graff Main Hall

    Campus climate, diversity/inclusion issues, hate/bias incidents, cultural competency training.

    Discrimination, harassment, equal employment opportunity, Title IX and ADA Coordinator.

    Personnel issues, benefits, FMLA, disability accommodations

    Student services, academic or non-academic conduct issues, conflict resolution, advising.


    Types of concerns:


    The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse does not tolerate unfair or unequal treatment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age or physical handicap.  Employees should use established grievance procedures when problems or complaints arise in work-related situations.

    Faculty and Academic Staff who believe they have been discriminated against, on the basis of the factors mentioned above, by the University or members of the University community are encouraged to talk with Nizam Arain, Director of Affirmative Action, at 785-8541.  You will be given the option of filing an informal or a formal complaint.

    An informal complaint must be filed in writing. Affirmative Action will meet with the grievant and, if requested, conduct an investigation of the complaint.  At this point, the grievant will be kept confidential, if at all possible.  The Director of Affirmative Action will recommend alternatives regarding further action.  If the grievant chooses to bring the complaint before a Formal Hearing Panel, this will begin the process of a formal complaint.   

    A formal complaint......

    Affirmative Action Grievance Procedures & Forms

    Sexual Harassment or Assault

    • Sexual Harassment definition and policy statements

    • Sexual Harassment Formal Hearing Petition form (Word) (pdf)

    • Sexual Assault Information

      • What is it?  What to do?

      • Legal definitions in the State of Wisconsin

      • UW-L procedure for reporting sexual assault

      • Confidential reporting form  

      • This form should be filled out as completely as possible by anyone who has received a firsthand report of sexual assault. The expectation is that the form will be completed only after talking with the victim, not during the conversation. When the form is completed, it should be turned into the Office of Student Life, 149 Graff Main Hall.

    • Violence Prevention - Help for Victims of Sexual Assault-Relationship Violence-Stalking

    Unfair or unequal treatment; employee misconduct

    "A grievance is a personnel problem involving a faculty member's expressed feeling of unfair treatment or dissatisfaction with aspects of his/her working conditions within the university which are outside his/her control and which are not covered by other personnel rules. A grievance relates to such matters as academic freedom, salaries, promotions, assignment of teaching duties, assignment of space or other facilities, and unethical or improper action by administrators. In a grievance a faculty member claims substantial personal harm and seeks redress for himself or herself."

    "A grievance is a personnel problem involving an appointee's expressed feeling of unfair treatment or dissatisfaction with aspects of his/her working conditions within the University which are outside his/her control. A grievance relates to such matters as salaries, promotions, assignments of duties, working conditions, and propriety of conduct claimed to harm the petitioner substantially whether the claim alleges unethical or improper action by colleagues or by administrator. A grievance is a matter other than one involving dismissal proceedings and other than a complaint proceeding involving (other) severe sanctions."

    Hateful/biased language or conduct

    [Basic definition; refer to HRT]

    Campus climate, hostile work environment, civility, or bullying

    Individuals with Disabilities

    CARE Team

    "I have a concern about student (or employee) behaving in an unusual or disturbing way…"