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    Psychology is a popular major nationally and at UW-L. Students knowledgeable about their options and opportunities gain the most from their educational experiences. We strongly advise that you start you exploration of psychology programs by visiting the UW-L Psychology Advising Center pages. When you are interested in additional information the tabs above provide links to the catalog pages and additional resources for each of the following programs: 

  • All Majors/Minors

    Psychology Education Minor (Early Adolescence-Adolescence Certification)

    (Teacher certification programs)

    24 credits

    PSY  100General Psychology3
    PSY  204Abnormal Psychology3
    PSY  321Research Methods for Psychology Minors3
    PSY  335Learning and Memory 23
    or  PSY  435 Cognitive Processes
    Select 12 credits of electives 112
    Total Credits24

     excluding PSY  210, PSY  212, PSY  408


    Course is changing from PSY 335 to PSY 432 starting Fall 2014. The new course description is as follows:

    PSY 432 Cr.3
    Learning and Memory

    A study of the fundamental concepts and principles of human and animal learning and contemporary topics in human memory. Specific topics include classical and operant (instrumental) conditioning, concept and skill learning, memory storage, and retrieval, forgetting, and the use of information. Prerequisites: PSY 100; PSY 321 or PSY 331.

    Teacher certification candidates must also complete GEO  200 and EFN  200 to fulfill statutory licensing requirements (credits do not count toward the psychology education minor); in addition, early adolescence-adolescence candidates must complete PSY  408 unless a major in social studies education (broad field), geography education, history education, political science education, or sociology education is completed.