Helpful Information for Faculty and Staff!

Please refer to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Textbook Services Policy for specific details regarding Textbook Rental Services.  The following items are only meant to highlight the commonly asked questions about the policy.

What Faculty/Staff Should Know:

  • Undergraduate students pay a segregated fee and rent the majority of their textbooks. Graduate students purchase their textbooks from the University Bookstore.

  • One textbook is guaranteed in textbook rental for every class OR multiple textbooks may be ordered up to the combined publisher's list price total of $95.  All textbooks must be used for a minimum of three years.

  • Textbook Rental Services maintains an accurate inventory of all textbooks housed in Textbook Rental as well as a record of the use of textbooks in all classes each semester. A listing of the updated inventory is available to all departments and programs at the beginning of each semester or upon request at any time.

  • Textbook Rental Services can assist faculty with information needed to obtain desk copies from publishers for the classes they teach.  When possible, Textbook Rental Services will provide one student desk copy to faculty/staff for a period of 30 days while the instructor is acquiring a desk copy.

  • Textbook Rental Services will notify departments when a textbook goes out of print.  Textbooks that go out of print are no longer available for purchase from publishers or reputable book vendors.  Faculty/staff are expected to review the out-of-print list every semester and select another text for use the next time the course is scheduled to be taught.  Once the new text is selected and ordered by Textbook Rental Services, the out-of-print title will be disposed of in the same manner as all other discontinued textbooks.

  • To assure adequate time for processing, ordering, and shipping, textbook requests should be submitted according the ordering cycle provided in the Textbook Services Policy:

        Summer sessions and Fall Semester
        Summer and Fall Course Schedules Due - Friday, end of the third week of second semester classes
        Textbook Orders Due - Second Friday in March, three weeks after schedules are due

        Winter Session and Spring Semester
        Winter and Spring Course Schedules Due - Friday, end of the third week of first semester classes
        Textbook Orders Due - Friday, three weeks after course schedules are due 

  • To order a new textbook for textbook rental, complete the Textbook Adoption/Order Form and submit it to Textbook Rental Services following the appropriate ordering cycle listed above.

  • To order a textbook, lab manual, workbook, or required course supplies for purchase in the University Bookstore, complete the Adoption Form found on the University Bookstore website.

  • If a textbook has not been used in the last three years, written justification is required to keep the book in the rental inventory.  If a textbook has not been used for the last five (5) years it will be automatically discontinued.