Student Advising

Image of Report CardAssessment of student progress is an important part of the Theatre Arts program. A file is maintained on each student where written evaluations, self-evaluations, 260/360 records, casting and design assignments will be kept. Records of all departmental and extracurricular activities will be kept here as well.

All Theatre Arts Department majors should have a member of the Theatre Arts faculty as an advisor. If you do not currently have a departmental faculty member for an advisor, please see the Theatre Arts Chair for assignment. Double majors should also have a theatre arts advisor. Theatre minors should check with the department member for assistance in completing their requirements as well.

Each semester, all Theatre majors will have a hold placed on their registration. This hold bars students from registering for classes until you have met with your advisor. Prior to your scheduled registration time, sign up for an advising meeting with your advisor. Sign up sheets are usually posted on your advisor’s office door two weeks prior to registration. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, please stop by the Department of Theatre Arts, 154 Center for the Arts. Additional advising assistance can be found at the Academic Advising Center.

Pre-Graduation Credit Check

All Theatre majors are required to complete a credit check the semester prior to their intended graduation. Credit checks may be scheduled through the College of Liberal Studies office, 260 Morris Hall.