Frequently Asked Questions About Donating

Big River Production PhotoThank you to all of our loyal donors who have contributed to UW-La Crosse Theatre over the past several years. Your friendship and support is invaluable to our success. For those of you who have not donated in the past - or if you're interested in learning more about donating to UW-La Crosse Theatre, please take a moment to read the following information. Supporting your favorite theatre company with an annual donation is more valuable than you think! Contact UW-La Crosse Department of Theatre Arts at (608) 785-6701 or email for more information.


Aren't I supporting UW-La Crosse Theatre when I buy a ticket to a production?
When you buy a ticket to the movies or to a baseball game, the cost of that ticket covers at least 100% of all expenses associated with producing that event. When you buy a ticket to the theatre, the cost of that ticket only covers 50% of the expenses associated with producing the play. Theatres are non-profit organizations that thrive off the generosity of their donors.


Why doesn't UW-La Crosse Theatre just raise the ticket prices?
A night at the theatre should not be a luxury for the rich and famous! In order to cover the cost of production and administrative expenses without additional fundraising, an evening for two at UW-La Crosse Theatre would cost $150! Ticket sales would decrease rapidly with such an expensive ticket price and UW-L Theatre would lose many of its current patrons. Although we would earn more money per ticket, we would lose a significant number of ticket buyers and probably end up having to solicit funds anyway!


Is my donation tax deductible?
YES! After your donation is processed in the office, you will receive a thank-you letter from the UW-La Crosse Foundation, which serves as a receipt for tax purposes.


What do you do with my donation?
We spend it on the shows in our season! Next time you visit the Toland or Frederick Theatres, just look at the costumes, props, and scenery to see the affect of your generosity. You can be assured that your donation will directly fund the productions in the season. When attending a UW-La Crosse Theatre production, take pride in knowing your contribution is reflected on that stage.

Donations can also be made to a specific scholarship that assist UW-L theatre students cover the cost of their quality education. Scholarship awards are based on a student's scholastic achievement, theatre participation, and financial need. UW-L Theatre provides several scholarships including the Marie Park Toland Scholarship, the Helen Leide Fund, Tinapp/Joyce Scholarship, Robert and Kip Frederick Fund, NextStage Scholarship, Music Theatre Scholarship, Peter Talen Memorial Scholarship and the Children's Theatre Scholarship.


Can I leave you in my will?
YES! What a wonderful way to ensure UW-La Crosse Theatre's future for years to come while earning a valuable tax deduction. As Noral "Jake" Jacobs asks, "Why do the organizations we support during our lifetime become any less important after we are gone?" You can leave your legacy in the Performing Arts without compromising your commitments to loved ones. It's easier and more cost effective than you may think. Contact your estate planning attorney, a trust officer, an accountant who specializes in planned giving or call the UW-La Crosse Foundation at (608) 785-8489 for more information.


What can I do if I can't afford to donate money?
UW-La Crosse Theatre has a long list of items that we can always use. An in-kind donation of any of the following items will help at any time: White or colored copy paper; general office supplies: pens, pencils, paper clips, highlighters, binders, folders, tape, etc.; CD's; labels, etc. Please contact the UW-La Crosse Department of Theatre Arts at (608) 785-6701 for a more detailed listing of items. Gift certificates to Menards, Hancock Fabric, Home Depot, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target, Payless Shoes, Office Depot, Office Max, etc. are always appreciated.