Frederick Theatre Usage Policy

The FREDERICK THEATRE is a very active teaching laboratory for the Theatre Arts Department. As such, it is impossible to keep the theatre in “performance ready” condition at all times. Its primary purpose is to serve Theatre Arts Department and UW-L Students. At times it is available for outside use.

All dates and technical requirements must be discussed and cleared by the Production Manager and the Technical Director of Department Theatre Arts approximately two months prior to performance. A $50.00 booking fee is required to reserve the space. All events require at least one Theatre Arts Department technician to supervise and monitor the facilities. Any special needs other than “as is” will require the hiring of additional technical crews. The phrase “as is” refers to use of the space with house lights, work lights, and any set pieces needed for the upcoming performances. The technical director will make the decision as to how many and which crewmembers are to be hired.

Technical crew work requires special training and it is expected that crews be paid for their talent and time. The organization using the space will be expected to pay the technical crews using the following pay scale.

General Help $8.00/hour Minimum 2 hours
Specialty Crew $12.00/hour Minimum 4 hours
Faculty Supervision $25.00/hour Minimum 2 hours

The following is a general description of the duties and responsibilities for the technical crews.

General Help Unlock & Lock certain areas of the facility (i.e. stage, dressing rooms, makeup rooms, etc.)
Turn on/off house and work lights
Supervise use of space
Assist in "load in" and "load out" of scenery and equipment
Specialty Crew Hang and focus lighting instruments
Run light board
Set up and run house sound equipment
Hang and run flown scenery
Hang masking curtains
Move scenery during productions
Supervise use of space
Faculty Supervision Supervise crews on productions when deemed necessary by the Technical Director
Supervise crews not hired and trained by facility technical director
*Only Faculty Supervisors can make on-site technical changes (i.e. use of additional equipment or facilities)