Music Theatre Auditions

Any student interested in declaring a Music Theatre major must first audition and be accepted into the program. Auditions are held in November, February and March for admission into the program in the subsequent fall semester.

Music Theatre program auditions consist of:

  • Once Upon A Mattress Production PhotoTwo contrasting songs of contest quality literature. One music theatre selection and one classical selection: Singers may be asked to sing all or part of each selection.
  • One 1-2-minute prepared monologue from a contemporary play. The prepared monologue can be either comic or serious and should reveal your personality and character type.
  • A short music theatre dance combination taught by the Performance Dance Instructor at the time of the audition. You should wear clothes in which you can move freely. Time to change clothes will be provided.
  • Brief interview with the Music Theatre Committee. Candidates should also provide 2 –3 letters of recommendation from such individuals as a) high school/community theatre director, b) high school/community choir director, c) high school/community dance instructor, d) private voice instructor, e) high school forensics director, f) other.
  • Audition material should demonstrate skill and potential for development with admission based on singing, acting and dancing ability/potential, technical abilities, rhythm, expression, stage presence, confidence, enthusiasm and discipline.
  • An accompanist will be provided for a fee of $15.00, or you may bring your own accompanist. Bring your music in the key you will be singing.
  • To remain in good standing, students' cumulative GPA must be at least 1.60 at the end of the first semester, 1.80 at the end of the second and third semesters, and 2.00 or above each successive semester. Students on academic probation may not participate in production/performance activities in the semester in which they are on academic probation, except as approved by the Music Theatre Committee.

For more information, please contact Mary Leonard, Music Theatre Coordinator, at 608-785-6704 or   To schedule a campus visit/music theatre audition, please also visit and complete an on campus visit form.