Senior Capstone Project--Acting Recital

The Acting Recital is a capstone project that encompasses a variety of contrasting monologues/ scenes or songs from different styles or genres to be showcased in a 30-minute performance. Emphasis is on you the actor and your transitions from one character to the next. The Recital should have minimal technical requirements.


  • You are required to submit a project proposal to the Theatre Arts faculty for discussion and approval. The proposal should be a brief statement about the material you are planning on performing along with your technical requirements.
  • Your proposal must be submitted for approval the semester before you perform.


  • The Acting Recital should highlight your abilities as a performer. Close attention should be made to contrasting and appropriate material. This is an opportunity to explore different territory.
  • Material should be selected from a variety of the following categories: classical, contemporary, dramatic and comedic.
  • You must choose from material intended for the stage, not films or television.
  • The advisor must approve all material.

Written Requirement

You are required submit written documentation to the project advisor. This will include the following:

  • Pre-production character analysis for each character
  • Rehearsal journal – research, notes, thoughts, and ideas about approaches to characterizations. Insights or problem areas.
  • Post production analysis – a detailed assessment and evaluation of work and process.

Technical Requirements

  • Your recital must have minimal technical requirements (tables, chairs, blocks, hand props). All props and set pieces need to be returned after the recital.
  • If you need a piano, you are responsible for securing an accompanist.
  • You are responsible for creating a poster and program for your recital. You will also be responsible for distribution of posters.
  • You are responsible for securing a light board/sound board operator for the evening of your recital.


  • Your advisor is serving as your coach. You are required to schedule weekly meetings.