Senior Capstone Project--Costume Design


Create a proposal in conjunction with your faculty advisor for submission to the department committee by mid-semester the semester before you plan to execute your Senior Project. Your proposal must include:

  • Title of work and author.
  • A brief statement on why this project should be your capstone project.
  • Project deadlines. (Consult the Department Production Calendar)
  • An up-to-date resume.
  • Current GPA.

Production Requirements

Upon approval of the Senior Project, the student is expected to fulfill all standard production requirements as expected of any designer, including but not limited to:

  • Work with faculty advisor on regularly scheduled basis.
  • Participate in all production meetings.
  • Coordinate costume fittings with cast, director and stage manager.
  • Participate in strike.

Design Portfolio Requirements

Following completion of the design assignment, submit a completed designer portfolio package. This package will include:

  • Statement of Purpose / Production Analysis
  • Collection of Research Material (Photo montage, books, magazines, etc.)
  • Preliminary Sketches, Rough Sketch, Thumbnail Sketch
  • Color Rendering, including Swatches (Medium of choice)
  • Final Budget Figures
  • Representative photos of the production. (Consult with faculty Costume Designer)
  • All materials will be portfolio quality and will not be returned.


  • After the advisor has approved the designer portfolio, the student costume designer will formally present his/her portfolio to the department committee. The committee will confer with the advisor and a grade will be assigned. Your advisor will communicate the grade as soon as possible.