Why Donate to UW-L Theatre?

  1. Arabian Nights Production PhotoWe need you! UW-La Crosse relies on charitable support for 50% of our operating costs. Without it, we simply wouldn't be here.
  2. It's easy! Donations can be made by cash, check or credit card simply by contacting the UW-La Crosse Department of Theatre Arts.
  3. It's tax deductible! UW-La Crosse Theatre is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means your gift is fully tax deductible as allowed by law.
  4. It feels good. Philanthropy makes art happen here in the Coulee Region.
  5. It's more than the plays! Your gifts not only support award-winning stage productions, but it also goes toward our comprehensive education, guest artists, community outreach opportunities, and student scholarships.
  6. Opportunity! Donors to UW-La Crosse Theatre receive exclusive opportunities to meet the artists, invitations to acting recitals, recognition in production programs, and a chance to meet other theatre-lovers.
  7. It shows your support! There's no better way to show your approval than by making a donation.
  8. It's a good investment. UW-La Crosse Theatre is one of the best managed arts organizations in the Coulee Region. Your dollars will be well spent.
  9. Quality of life. The Coulee Region deserves the best in the arts. Your donation makes that possible!
  10. You're making the world a better place. One of the best indicators of a civilized society is the development of its arts and cultural life. Think Athens, Florence, Rome...La Crosse.