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At UW-La Crosse the Triathlon Club is an officially recognized club sport, but that means there are many different people involved, and make this a really fun and unique organization.  All of us like to stay active, and of course have fun doing so (and sometimes we might even hang out together and talk about stuff that isn't triathlon related).  Membership is open to any UW-L student, at only the cost of our dues for the year ($25).  The dues get you a t-shirt, water bottle, swim cap, as well as discounts offered to our club.  If you have further membership questions, please contact the club via email (uwltriclub@hotmail.com) or talk to a member. 


Aside from the business end of it, we're going to start a new member of the week (or two).  We'll post a picture of the member as well as their answers to this questionnaire, so people can get to know members of the club a little bit better  : )  Send in your questionnaire to Jerome Robinson (robinson.jero@students.uwlax.edu) when you're finished!


Member Questionnaire!


Member of the Week



Name: Chelsea Kaderavek
Hometown: Richland Center, WI
New to the club? (Y/N): Yes
What made you want to do triathlons or join the club?:
Something to do when Cross Country is over.
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Race (or target first race):
The one I'm doing this spring!
Quote You Like:
"It gets to the point where you can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face."
Random Fact / Quirk:
I'm left handed
Good Story:  One time I was in a car that started on fire on some backroads, and we ran to a house to call 911 and they came and saved our car.
Super Power of Choice?:
Maybe to fly?


Would You Rather…

Lick rusty nails or someone’s toes? rusty nails

Be Summer or Winter forever? How about fall?

On a plane or in a train? train

Be able to stop time while you slept, or never need to do laundry?
stop time when I sleep

If you could only eat on thing for the rest of your life, would you rather it be sweet or salty? sweet




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