Designing Your Own Project

Communication tools from Creative Services:

Checklist to designing your own project (pdf)

Guide to color (pdf)

Guide to Postal Regulations (pdf)

Why go through Budget and Finance for off-campus printing?

It is legally mandated (by Article IV, Section 25 of the Wis. Constitution and Chapter 35.01 of the Wis. Stats.) all off-campus printing using state funding be placed by UW-L's University Print Manager.*

The University Print Manager serves as the liaison between UW-La Crosse and the Wisconsin Department of Administration's printing section to monitor compliance with state contracts and regulations.

*Individual departments may not place an order directly with an off-campus commercial printer other than Digicopy. It is also prohibited to purchase printing using a procurement card.

Ordering print:

Once you have signed off on the proof for your publication, coordination of off-campus printing will be done by the University Print Manager located in the Business Services Office, or directly by the client if using Digicopy.

Using Business Services Office:

Ordering print through the University Print Manager, you will need to:

  • fill out the print request form (pdf)

  • supply a PDF

    • as a high resolution

    • with crop marks

    • with bleeds

    • CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black)

    • embed fonts and images

  • send via email to University Print Manager or save to a flash drive and drop off at 118 Graff Main Hall

  • supply a hard copy of finished pieces

All jobs sent off-campus for printing will also include a blackline or color proofs. Clients are required to proof and sign printer's proof. Copy or design changes at this stage are expensive and may delay delivery.

Contact 785.8503 or or visit

Using Digicopy

  • jobs previously sent to Document Services

  • black and white copies or less than 500 color copies

  • order through DigiCopy's online ordering site

For more information: