Planning a Publication

Things to consider before you start your project:

   1. Schedule a meeting with Creative Services

115 Graff Main Hall  |  785.8575 or 785.8499

Come prepared to discuss the following:

  • purpose of the publication

  • intended audience

  • when delivery is required

  • what type of publication you think is needed

  • number of copies required (look at the size of your target audience and determine a realistic number in multiples of 100)

  • how the piece will be distributed

  • "shelf life" of the publication

  • copy, art and photo needs

  • budget for the publication

By the close of the meeting we will have established:

  • a feasible production schedule

  • ideas for gathering and writing copy

  • design ideas

  • photo needs

   2. Complete copy/manuscript

Campus clients should provide copy via email or flashdrive. Copy should be saved as Microsoft Word text or as a text file. Submit a hard copy printout of copy as well. Creative Services follows the UW-L Style Guide (see Appendix 1, page 42) and the Associated Press Stylebook. The UW-L Style Guide contains style elements specific to the university and should be consulted as a first reference.

3. Design/publications layout

Preliminary design considerations will be discussed at the initial meeting with Creative Services. As copy is being completed, other design elements will fall into place. Primary responsibility for the "look" of a publication rests with Creative Services to ensure consistency, readability and quality. Client suggestions on design will be taken into consideration.

Clients will be given PDF proofs to check. Positioning of photos and artwork will be shown on all proofs.

Creative Services also maintains a limited library of stock images for use in publication design.

4. Proof final copy

Campus clients will be asked to proof their publication before it is sent to the printer. Proofs will come as close to resembling the finished product as possible with the technology available to Creative Services. Clients are expected to inspect their proof very carefully to ensure that all elements are in place and accurate. Creative Services will provide up to two proofs and a final PDF for each project. Continual changes to artwork are time consuming and inhibit meeting deadlines.

It is the responsibility of the client to:

  • check for factual accuracy (pay special attention to headlines, subheads and photo captions)

  • verify the proper spelling of all names, titles and middle initials

  •  doublecheck dates, facts and figures

  • make sure the correct contact information and web address are included

  • check spelling

  • assist in checking for university style

  • assist in correcting spelling and grammatical errors

  • double check all copy to ensure it has been proofread against original copy or changes marked on the previous proof

  • read all articles word for word to ensure continuity

  • make sure more than one person checks and initials the final proof