Why is it important to follow the UW-L brand standards?

The brand identity provides a simplified and consistent external public image to students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and the community that is easy to recognize and is visually unifying.

Where can I download the logo?

All current University of Wisconsin-La Crosse logos are available for download here.

I'm having trouble downloading the logo.

Why won't it download?

Depending on your computer settings, the logo may open in a new browser window. If this happens, right click on the logo and choose "save as" to download it to your computer. If you continue to experience difficulty, please contact your department's IT support team.

Remember, it is important that all documents produced project the university's image with quality.

Can our department have its own logo?
How do I request a logo?

The logo for approved centers within the university will be used when the intended audience is specific to that one center; otherwise the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse's logo will be used.

For a list of approved centers, please contact Creative Services.

If you believe your department or program needs a dedicated logo, contact Creative Services. Do NOT create a logo on your own. Creative Services will ensure your logo remains consistent with university branding.

How do I order new business cards?

Business cards are ordered online here .

Are there any Word templates?

Word templates are available for download here.  This link also offers downloads for PowerPoint templates and electronic letterhead.

How do I personalize the e-letterhead?

Download the electronic letterhead file.

On the View menu, click Footer to open the footer area on a page to replace text with your department information.

DO NOT resize, delete or move the placement of the logo or the footer. DO NOT change the font or type size of the text.

May I revise the letterhead design?

Do NOT resize, delete or move the placement of the logo or the footer. In the electronic letterhead, you may insert your personal information on the right instead of the template lines, but do NOT change the font or type size of the text.

Can I change the margins on the electronic letterhead? Can my personal information be listed on fewer lines? I'm trying to keep my letter to a single page.

The electronic letterhead was designed to reflect the printed letterhead as accurately as possible. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not change the layout other than adding your departmental information.

I belong to a campus organization and we would like to use the logo on a poster advertising an event. Can we do this?

The University Communications Office must approve all university uses of logos before a piece is printed or published. Send PDF proofs to pmoua-yangvang@uwlax.edu.

I am working with an outside vendor. The vendor asked for an electronic version of the logo. What should I give them?

You can download the .jpg files here. Please contact Creative Services for higher resolution files or line art logos.

May businesses and individuals outside of the university use the logos and marks of the university?

Not without authorization from the University Communications Office.

I have a special project that does not seem to be addressed in the guidelines. Can I make exceptions?

Please contact the University Communications Office to discuss your project and obtain prior approval.

How do I know where to put the logo in print or on my website?

The Toolkit (.pdf) includes samples of how to use the logo. You can also contact the University Communications Office  for advice and consultation about using the logo.

How do I know which logo to use?

When deciding which logo is best suited for a particular communication, the guiding principle should be to identify the primary audience for the communication.

If you have questions or concerns about which logo should be used in a particular instance, contact the University Communications Office for clarification.

What if multiple entities are involved in a particular project? Which logo should be used?

The broadest and most inclusive logo/wording combination will be used.

Please contact Creative Services with questions.

I'm in a hurry. Why can't I just re-create the logo? Why do I have to get the proper file from the official website?

Re-creating the logo will not reproduce the logo accurately. The characters have specific spatial relationships and alignment. Simply selecting a similar font, eyeballing it, and then reproducing it will invariably produce differences that may be minor, but will detract from the design and its branding capability. Re-creating the logo also takes time that might be used more productively.

If I have questions or need approval, whom should I contact?

The University Communications Office must approve all university uses of logos and templates before a piece is printed or published. Send pdf proofs to pmoua-yang@uwlax.edu.

What are the approved fonts?

There are two fonts used to create the UW-L logo: Adobe Caslon Regular and Semibold. Approved secondary fonts can be found here. DO NOT modify the type font.

What colors are used?

There are three primary colors that make up the logo. When printing in full color, please use the color breaks listed here . Please refer to the Toolkit for more information on color use, as well as specific PMS, CMYK, RGB, and hex code values.

Can I change the color of the logo to match my document?

DO NOT introduce color change. DO NOT "screen" the logo or make it lighter. Maintain clear contrast between the logo and the field on which it appears.

As a general rule of thumb:

White background-use the full color logo or black

Black background-use white logo

Maroon background-use white logo

Can I print the logo in black only?

In addition to the logo being printed in full color, the logo may also appear in 100 percent black or white (reversed). It is always recommended to use the full color logo when possible.

Can I rearrange the placement of the logo on my documents?

You may not rearrange the placement of the logo on letterhead or business cards. If you must rearrange the placement of the logo in the posters or flier templates, you must obtain prior approval from the University Communications Office.

Can I change the size of the logo to fit my document?

DO NOT distort or stretch the logo or change its shape. When resizing the logo in your document, you MUST ensure that it is resized proportionately.

May I add text to a logo?

No. You may add text near a logo, but it must be a minimum distance away from the logo so that it does seem to be a part of the logo. The minimum distance is double the height of the "U" in university.

If you need specific art for printing, contact the University Communications Office for guidance, and/or vector art to fit your needs. Remember, the University Communications Office must approve all pieces before they are printed or published.

If all publications need to go through the University Communications Office for approval first, how long will that approval process take?

The University Communications Office is replying in as timely a fashion as staffing allows. A reply within 72 hours (three working days) is the goal and many clients receive a swifter response.