UW-L Logo Colors and Fonts


When possible, the logo and wordmark should appear in two colors. In its reverse application, the logo can appear in black or maroon (PMS 202). In two-color use, the wordmark should appear with the University of Wisconsin affiliation in maroon (PMS 202) and the name La Crosse in black. When the logo or wordmark cannot be printed in two colors, it should appear in black or in the darkest color available.

UW-L Palette

The expanded palette of secondary and highlight colors exists to enliven UW-L's communications and to facilitate creativity. It adds versatility to the UW-L graphic identity toolbox. The colors within the palette are intended to ensure cohesiveness across applications.

Primary Colors: The official colors of UW-La Crosse are maroon (PMS 202) and gray (40% black).

Secondary Colors: use these colors as supporting colors. They are complementary to the school colors and enhance the visual experience without overpowering the design.

Highlight Colors: should be used sparingly; choose one highlight color for your design to draw focus.

Primary color graphic Secondary color graphic

Highlight Color graphic


To preserve legibility, the logo should appear large enough for all type to be readable.

Designs should allow for a liberal amount of white space around the logo or wordmark.

Do not print the UW-L logo against a heavily textured or patterned background.

Do not reverse the UW-L logo out of a complex photograph or background.

Do not print the UW-L logo in dark colors on a dark background.

Do not print the UW-L logo in light colors on a light background.

Do not use colors other than those specified here to reproduce the logo.


There are many fonts on your computer; however, there is no need to use them all in your design. Utilizing only two to three fonts gives variety and emphasis to your design, and makes it easier on the reader.

Read more about fonts and UW-L font standards

To obtain fonts, please contact Creative Services.