Identity and Standards

Who are we? (or, what is our "elevator speech?")

We are the top-rated, comprehensive University of Wisconsin campus. Well known for our scholarship and academic rigor, we challenge students and others in a friendly, natural environment. We offer 88 undergraduate and 25 graduate programs to more than 10,000 students on an attractive, traditional campus in western Wisconsin's beautiful driftless area.

What are we doing?

We're keeping students in college and helping them graduate quicker. In fall 2010, our retention rate was 85 percent. Our six-year graduation rate for students beginning in fall 2005 was 69 percent (nationally, the six-year graduation rate from four-year institutions is about 58 percent.) Both statistics put UW-L at the top for UW comprehensive campuses.

What drives us?

Our motto: Mens Corpusque, Latin for "mind and body." Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the whole education of our students, giving them an outstanding academic education, along with an appreciation for physical and recreational well-being to make them great, well-rounded global citizens.

Why are we distinct?

Each year we recruit impressive students. In our fall 2011 freshman class:

  • average ACT score was 24.7 (National average: 21.1;Wisconsin average: 22.1)

  • 26 percent graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class

  • median class rank was in the 82nd percentile

  • 9.4 percent were U.S. students of color

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