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Protecting our identity

The university's name, seal, wordmark and logo are registered marks of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System doing business as the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. This provides protection against the manufacture, display or sale of these identifiers without the university's consent.

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Protectability of the university seal, wordmark and logo is based on their unique designs; therefore, they should never be redrawn, reproportioned or otherwise modified for any special purposes.

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Licensing of the name, seal, wordmark and logo will be administered by the university's director of creative services in consultation with the assistant chancellor for University Advancement.

A note about specialty items:

When the UW-L logo or wordmark is printed, embroidered, embossed or engraved on specialty items, such as coffee mugs, apparel, keychains, desk clocks and folders, it is strongly recommended you ask for product samples from the vendor-preferably with the UW-L logo in place-so an informed decision can be made before placing the order.


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University Seal

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse seal is the official symbol of the institution. It consists of a circle within a circle. The inner circle, with a lined background pattern, contains a shield showing the rivers and bluffs of the Coulee Region of Wisconsin, a scroll, and a figure in motion. The scroll and figure are visual representations of the Latin words "mens" and "corpusque" found on a banner below the shield. Mens, Latin for mind, and corpusque, Latin for body, express our belief in education for the whole person. The outer circle contains the name of the university.

The seal must be used in its full representation and not altered in any manner. The seal should appear no less than three-quarters-inch in diameter. Scaling must be proportional.

Overprinting the seal is strongly discouraged and should not interfere with the integrity of the image.

Leave sufficient space around the seal and do not interfere with the integrity of the seal.

Appropriate uses:
  • diploma
  • transcripts
  • university-wide policy statements
  • legal documents
  • official UW-L certificates and plaques
  • commencement materials
  • inaugural materials
  • regent visit materials
  • lecterns (especially for official matters)
  • official university reports (e.g., to regents, to accrediting bodies)

Inappropriate uses:

Seal illustration
  • non-official printed material or clothing

  • specialty advertising items (e.g., clothing, glassware, ceramics, notebooks, folders, etc.)

Athletic Team logo

The official name of the intercollegiate athletics teams at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is Eagles. Their official identifier is the "Eagle in the L" emblem.

The athletics identifier is a registered mark of the University of Wisconsin System and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Use is obtained by permission of the Athletics Department and the licensing group at UW-L.

Contact Mike Gasper, Contract Administrator, at 785.6494.

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Appropriate uses:                                                    Inappropriate uses:

  • uniforms
  • athletics programs and brochures
  • athletic posters
  • other purposes related to the athletics program at UW-L

  • university stationary (except for stationary used by units within Intercollegiate Athletics)

  • publications describing specific academic programs

  • any other pieces with a non-athletic focus


UW-La Crosse licenses all registered university logos. All officially licensed products will carry a tag or label identifying them as such. Click here to read more about UW-La Crosse licensing  (.pdf).