Policy Statements and Regulations

Administration of the identity standards and policies

Creative Services is responsible for enforcing the identity standards and all other policies included on this website and will serve as final authority if compliance is questioned.

We cannot anticipate all possible uses of the university's visual identity standards as well as policies governing the development of printed materials. Considering this, Creative Services will review proposed changes to existing policies on a case-by-case basis.

The identity standards apply to all material printed or produced by UW-La Crosse, regardless of funding source.

Disagreements with policies

In the event of a disagreement between Creative Services, the policies established in this booklet, and the desires of a department or office representative, the pertinent issues will be addressed and resolved in a meeting with the department representative, the appropriate dean or division head, the Director of Creative Service and the Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement.

Copyright considerations

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse follows all copyright restrictions. The copyright law (title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Under certain conditions specified in the law, universities may make copies of copyrighted materials for use in private study, scholarship, research and limited classroom distribution.

For more complete copyright information, contact the Copyright Clearinghouse to assist in registering copyrighted materials and obtaining required format and licenses.

Copyright Clearinghouse

Director of Murphy Library

1631 Pine St.

La Crosse, WI 54601 USA


Distribution to state legislature

The State of Wisconsin has prohibited the distribution of university-printed materials to any member of the state legislature unless these procedures are followed:

The university must notify all members of the legislature with a brief description of the materials to be distributed.

The university may distribute materials to any member of the state legislature who requests a copy of specific materials.

Artwork produced outside of Creative Services:  must follow the Style Guide on this website (see pp. 49-51) and Associated Press style, and must be proofread and printer-ready before being submitted to our office. If Creative Services feels critical changes are necessary, we will coordinate changes based on the most expedient and cost-efficient method. Creative Services will proof corrected copy against our original copy of requested changes. The university client will be billed for any additional costs incurred for changes made to printer's proofs.

Approval for all off-campus publications is required: all art produced by graphic design freelancers that represent publications intended for an off-campus audience must be reviewed by Creative Services prior to their completion to ensure that the policies and graphic standards established in this toolkit are followed.