UW-La Crosse Branding Process

UW-L Logos Art

A consistent graphic identity

To affirm UW-L's position as a world-class university and raise the relative position of our institution among our audiences, we must focus on the UW-L brand.

What is a brand?

Simply stated, it's the image or personality we project. Through consistent graphic elements and messages, an effective brand strategy projects the positive attributes of a company, a product, a service, and yes, a university. Branding illustrates value.

A carefully applied branding strategy will enhance our effectiveness in promoting a favorable image and reaching our goals: attracting students, recruiting faculty and staff, soliciting financial support from donors, and promoting goodwill between the university and those upon who our success depends.

How did we develop the UW-L brand?

A Case for Branding (.pdf)

A campus committee formed involving members of shared governance groups and others. They developed the brand during an 18-month process. With the help of the UW-L Marketing Department, we surveyed more than 1,500 people to identify their perceptions of UW-L. Groups included:

  • current students
  • faculty and staff
  • community members
  • prospective students
  • local business owners
  • high school counselors
  • alumni/donors
  • graduate students/continuing education participants
  • parents

What did we find?

All 10 groups shared the same three perspectives about UW-L:

  1. exceptional quality and value of our academics

  2. surrounding natural beauty

  3. hometown feel and sense of community on campus